i really don't know what this blog is anymore...


Me avoiding responsibilities. [x]

dudes doin a rain dance instead of a two step, clearly it’s an easy mistake to make.

Why does Draco Malfoy look like he dropped the football in the end zone

my favorite is the guy who is angrily pickin carrots.


[Jean Thierry SShaaaa’s imagination of Se Kyung and dance cut from Episode 3]

I just can’t get over this scene!~asdfghjklxdcfvghbnjmk,dfghj!!!!

Seung Jo is just SO CRAZY cuuuuuuuute!!

soo if i have you on facebook, i created a different one and re-added you there! i want to be able to fangirl and sing and gamer-talk in peace without IRL creeps judging me… >.>

and if you wanna be friends lemme know (wow i’m a loser fishing for friends okay i’m done bye)



i just love this because chloe is like “da hell is this girl cryin about”

again for chloe’s face.

I think we found the best wifi name?