i really don't know what this blog is anymore...


while i’m watching hulu and matt’s playing ps3 on the bed….

me: “matt, put the chips and salsa in the middle… i want some too”

matt: “i was hiding them because i know you’ll spill >.>”

me: “omg no i won’t.. i’m not that retarded.”

me: *picks up chip with salsa… drops it on the bed*


oh my gosh… my baby nieces hahaha…

what the babysitter taught them xD

i swear… the people you do the most for are ALWAYS the ones that back-stab you later…

at the gym i work at, we have “helped out,” over the years, about… 15 (?) different families as far as tuition and money deposits go… and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM has screwed the team or the business owner (like quitting 1 practice before the competition or going off on a coach because we didn’t move their kid up). 

sooo frustrating and makes me so sick of helping people out..

but then i have to realize that you should never stop helping people, and even though it sucks it’s the right thing but omgahhhh alskdjf

(btw… parents are so cray… i’m afraid for future generations)

i think maroo probably makes me laugh out loud more than any other person in game

thought i’d do this one for halloween ^^

if you have constantly have drama in your life…

it may be a good time to look at yourself instead of blaming others around you.

sorry… i just had to post this picture of my niece, lucy <3

kitty was hot today :3

debating using this tumblr as an even nerdier outlet where i post my covers of disney songs… hmmm >.>